How To Invest In The Stock Market Smartly

If you are beginner you can find many ways for learning the stock market. But only the knowledge will not be sufficient since you lack in the real time experience you should be very careful. In the past few years equities are considered as a high yielding investment when comparing with the many other forms of investments. Today we have thousands and thousands of corporate companies which are operating in several different sectors of the industry. These companies do have their own business models and strategies for their business development. For beginners tactical and Methodical stock investments are best options to build their portfolio. If you are new newbie to the stock market make sure you are following the given steps before choosing the stocks to invest in.

Find a right time for investment

If you are clear about how to invest in the stock market entering into the stock market by just based on the suggestions and recommendations will be a high risking factor. Remember if you are enter into the stock market at their peak times will be most dangerous thing. Always perform some macro and micro economic analysis and decide yourself whether it is the correct time to get started with your investments.

Don’t invest with just suggestions

Never buy a stock just because someone says that this stock is performing well in the market

Decide on the sector

Before knowing what stocks to buy, spend some time to evaluate diversified industry sectors and find out the factors which are serving as a backbone to obtain a significant grow over past few years. Try to choose the sectors which show a stable good growth over a long time. Find out and make sure whether any government policies and global indicators are contributing in the growth of the sectors.

Decide on a company

Once you determine a potential sector next step in your journey is to determine the company which performs in the particular sector. One general idea is choosing a large leading company. Here take a list of the companies and see what are the companies have shown a stable and potential growth even in the tough economical times. Check out the data for the past 12 quarters. It will give you a rough idea on making any decision.

Ensure the clear track record

When choosing the stock market corporate governance also plays a significant role. After deciding what stocks to buy from the particular  company find out whether they are having the clear record over the past few years and do not have any legal pending cases.

Important factors

There are some basic factors which can help you in making the stock share section.

  • The Stock’s P/E ratio comparison
  • Earnings per share
  • Company’s book value
  • Stock’s dividend yield
  • Company’s guidance given for the upcoming few quarters
  • Company’s vision
  • Road map

Systematic Investment Plan

Once you done with your stock selection, obviously the next step will be buying the stocks. Don’t attempt to buy the stocks at a single stretch. Start out by buying the stocks in small quantities at

Some specified interval of time. It is known as SIP or Systematic Investment Plan. In this plan you can set the intervals to fortnight, week, bi-month or month to buy the stocks. Depending on the current economic scenario almost all stock markets are tend to go unstable over the time. One main benefit of investing in SIP is, investor can get an exposure regarding all these fluctuations. At times he can also make a decision on extending the stock holding period during the stock market crash.

 Rule of thumb

Now you know how to invest in stock market & what stocks to buy. So what is next? Have some patience and do re-assessing of your invested stock performance at regular intervals. Upon finding the favorable values sell the stocks and again invest in new stocks.




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