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If you are searching to find a best way to invest money we highly recommend you to invest in stocks rather than investing in real estates and bonds. There are some real logical reasons for why stock market & other related financial tools are considered as one of the best way to invest money in the business world. By investing in the stock market one can earn lot of money in the current stock market.

When you hold any stock more than one year, stock values are taxable at a long-standing principal profit rate of 15%, it will serve as a replacement for normal tax rates. Remember when you earn profit through your savings account / CD; you will need to pay the standard tax rates which are around 35%. So when you choose to invest in the right kind of stocks you are actually protecting your future.

Simulation software programs are very useful for the beginners who are searching the best way to invest money through stocks. This stock trading simulator simulates the stock market. As a result you can easily trade by verifying the curve efficiently. There exist some 3 factors on deciding the best stock market simulator.

Seek For Money back guarantee

In the first place think this purchase just as any other purchase. Make sure whether they are giving the money back guarantee on the stock market software you are going to make a purchase. Almost all reputed companies are providing the money back guarantee. Often they let the users to try their software by giving the trial period. So you can analyze the software performance, the way it simulates the market data and how the simulator unfold & play out in the real stock market.

If the company doesn’t offer you the money back guarantee you can assume it is a kind of fly over the night company. So better choose to stay away from them and do your transaction with some other well reputed company.

Unique analysis

Try to find out a list of stock market simulator programs that narrows their focus on only few types of stocks which is set to target. Some of the stock market simulator programs focus only on the penny stocks which are subject to receive the higher gains or depreciation in the short span of time. Penny stocks are much cheaper valued stocks. Normally high valued stocks requires greater unique analysis when compare to analyzing the low valued stock. More established stocks require far more analysis than high valued stocks.

User review

Last but not least try to invest your time in user review before investing in any stock trader simulator program because it is the one thing which you can’t find the software publisher itself. By reading the user review you can learn enough about the software performance and the usefulness from the view of the user. This knowledge will be valuable when especially hearing from the one who are also standing on the same position as you are.


Try contacting the customer care of the desired stock market simulator company. Let them know that you are really interested in acquiring the software. Fire few more questions regarding how quick they will solve the issues. Have a note on the time they are taking to get back to you during the issues you are raising at the trial period and decide whether you can buy the stock trading simulator from the company from which you are using the trial version.

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