How To Invest In Silver And Bonds

How to invest in silver

Silver as an investment can be made in different ways. As it cannot be spent as a currency, it acts as a better way to store the value. The main reason for considering this as a good investment is that it will maintain its value and even increases more after certain period of time.

There will be fluctuation in the silver price based on the speculation and the market price. The price level will not fall down during the recession period like the other precious metal. Experts make different opinion about the investment but it will better if you invest ten percent.

how to invest in silver

Some people say that silver does not suit for the investment where it may fall from its potential d5rastically. Howe ever most of the experts suggest silver for investment than the gold as the cost of silver is low and due to its tendency to raise the level.  How to invest in silver is the frequently arising queries when they plan for the investment. Most of the people feel it as safe to make the investment  due to its tangible position where it does not changes from the position and remains constant over the time period. The best method to invest in the silver in the form of bullion bars.

How to invest in bonds

If you have some knowledge on investing in the bonds then it will be quite profitable. Investing in bonds will yield you high return. It will better if you know how to invest in bonds along with selection of funds.

Bond fund will manage the diversified portfolio along with income producing securities for the investors. You need to concentrate on three areas while investing they are as follows

The first and the foremost thing is the picking of bonds that provides more interest rate or high dividend. For an example, we have two easiest way to yield  more interest of about seven or the eight percent in a year or  more rates like five or six percent.  You can purchase high yield funds with sacrificing quality.  It is also referred as junk fund due to its high credit risk.  On the other side little number of bonds in the portfolio will not pay the interest rate as promised where the others might seem to be worthless.

The second option is tax free municipal bond funds. In case of higher tax bracket with 25% or more considered to be serious consideration.

Third option is paying full attention before the investment, where you need to pay 4% scale charges along with one to two percent in a year along with expense and other fees with a dividend of five percent in a year.

Gold as an investment

All the Indians have more passionate over the gold. India is the second largest consumer for this yellow metal next to china. In olden days gold was considered as a hedge against the inflation.  Gold has an investment is made in different forms.

Bars and Coins

The first person to sell the gold is the bank in the form of coins and biscuits. Banks will not charge less than 8% from the prevailing price.

SBI Gold Deposit and Schemes

If you have more number of gold coins and the bars with you then you can deposit in SBI under the gold deposit scheme for, four or five years where it earns the interest rate up to 1pecent in a year.  you can deposit in jewels if you are not interested in coins.



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